Watercolor Nutcrackers

I painted up three little nutcrackers (5x7inch) to add to my nutcracker collection. They turned out so cute I might have some printed for Christmas cards. Which is your favorite?


Lovely! I like them all!

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These are wonderful! And I have Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies in my head :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Very nice! I’d say my fave is the one with the green background. :heart:

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I love these! I, too, like the last one with the green background. I think it’s my favorite palette of all.

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These are great! And I’m also really liking the one with the green background.

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These turned out beautiful! :christmas_tree:

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These are soooo great! I think the drummer is my favorite.

The drummer is my favorite, but they all turned out lovely.

Great job! I really like all the color combos.

These are amazing! I love the look of watercolor for these. Makes them extra dreamy. My favorite is the green background, but I love green and magenta, so that figures. :slight_smile:

They turned out so nice! They would make great greeting cards. The drummer is my favorite.