Watercolor & Pen Postcard art

I’ve been playing around with watercolor and pen drawings. The happy mail craftalong inspired me to make these postcards.

@Jae3ird liked this one but it didn’t turn out quite the way I envisioned. The red, orange, and yellow all just blurred together to make orange.

Some little birdies; inspired by some bird cards I saw on Pinterest.

Purple dragon because someone I know likes purple dragons.

The fish were fun; I played with the water colors a bit for this one.

Strawberries because it reminded me of summer.

This one was straight off of a Pinterest tutorial.

I think I made this one last and I was interested in seeing if I could make something a bit more abstract that I liked.

And my favorite…the feather. This is more of what I envisioned for the fox but this time it turned out how I wanted.

Anyhow, it was fun. I don’t often do painting or things I consider more artsy and it was nice to go outside my typical box.


They are all great. I esp like the last two

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I love them, especially that feather!

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They are all beautiful!
And the feather is my favorite too.

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I received the first one and its wonderful!!!

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The fishie one arrived at my house! These are all really fun. I really like the birdie one, too, of course!

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They are wonderful! You are so talented.

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These are fantastic. I love the way watercolor looks, but I am a klutz at it. These are beautifully done. I like the blending on the bottom fish too. So pretty. The feather is amazing. You should frame that.

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These are really pretty!! I think I like the feather best too - I love that watercolour effect so much. Playing around with postcard sized pictures is such a great way to have fun and work on different skills and ideas :art: - and then it’s so awesome that you’re sharing them with lucky happy mail recipients!


I love the little birdies and grabbed a screenshot when it was posted on the happy mail board so I could ‘borrow’ your idea.

All are great but that feather one is extra special. so lovely!

:tada: Congrats! This crafty goodness is one of this week’s featured projects! :tada:

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