Watercolor Wildflowers

I love watercolors and loose florals. My kiddo’s name starts with an A and she asked me to paint her some flowers.


Beautiful! Watercolors can be so tricky but you really kept a delicate touch :slight_smile:

How sweet! I’ll bet she loves it!

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pretty. the purple flowers are my favorite. I like how the A isn’t a solid color.

Oh, that is so pretty.

This is so lovely! Love the shading on the A, too!

My friend, I love your art <3

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I love watercolors. beautiful work!

This is so pretty! Any tips on working with watercolors? I just love the little blue flowers.

I’ve been working with watercolors since high school and the main thing I cannot stress enough is paper quality!! Even mediocre paints look great on good paper!


How lovely is this? Super sweet.

This is really pretty, and a wonderful project and gift :slight_smile:

Cute! I love the coneflowers?

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That is lovely! Watercolours make me so happy :smiley:

As another A-named person, I approve! Nice coneflowers. :):green_heart: