Watermelon Blueberry Pupcicles

It’s been hot here, so it was time to make Delia a cool post-fetch treat! This time I used watermelon, dried blueberries, along with the usual plain yogurt.


I don’t ever really measure, I just make sure to include enough dog-friendly, healthy ingredients that will hold together while frozen and whatever yummy additions can go into that. This time I used 6oz plain greek yogurt, a couple of watermelon spears (turned out to be 7.5 oz), and about 1/8 cup dried blueberries.


Sliced the watermelon and combined into a mixing bowl.

I used an immersion blender, but a potato masher or even a fork would have broken everything up well enough, except the blueberries.

I pulled out a few silicone molds from my small collection. It’s fun to use them, even if Delia doesn’t even notice. :grinning: Then just used a spoon to fill them, taking care to get to the bottom to get some of the blueberries which sink to the bottom.



Then I transferred the molds to a tray and put them in the freezer. It would have been just a little easier if I’d placed the molds on the tray before filling, but these are small enough that it wasn’t messy.


This is the flour freezer! :rofl: We have a couple freezers and we’re able to dedicate this one to mostly flour, most of the time. I was able to take a few things out and do a little rearranging to make room for the tray.


They froze in just a few hours and were easy to pop out of the molds. Only one of the yeti made it out whole. I have never had anything come out of that mold nicely and it’s just a bummer, because… YETI! I haven’t tried chocolate yet. :thinking: :chocolate_bar:



Nice! I’ve been meaning to make some frozen treats for Charlie on these hot summer days.

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This is perfect to keep your little fur baby cooler on those hot days. It’s a shame about the Yeti mold. They are cool! (Pun intended).


Thanks, friends!

PRO TIP: Letting Delia help with the clean up and sample the wares may have contributed to a few adorably loud toots a short time later. Your mileage may vary.

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I bet she enjoyed these! And kitchen cleanup is always a chore they love!

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She does enjoy her frozen treats on these hot days! Not only is she much more enthusiastic about doing her chores than most human children, she’s also way less messy with her pupcicles. :thinking: :rofl:

How adorable! These sound like they could even be people treats!

Thanks! And they are pretty good. Definitely not the intense fruity sweetness one expects from a frozen treat, but I kind of like that.

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What a sweet thing to do for your darling baby! I bet she’s so excited to eat them!!!

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She gobbled them down! So yesterday, I made a version with Dixon melon which is a local delicacy and extra sweet cantaloupe.

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These sound perfect for hot days, especially if she’s been running around!

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