Waterpump ATc

I like doing smaller scale drawings because of the smaller time commitment. It’s also a fun way to try a different technique. if it doesn’t turn out well, it doesn’t feel like a big loss. My kids also enjoy getting them. I did a small drawing for each of my daughters.

the first is inspired by the play they are currently in, “the miracle worker” The waterpump is a main feature in the story about Helen Keller. The drawing is an ATC done in ink.

the second is inspired by the musical Hadestown. its a 3" square drawing of a carnation done in red and black in with pencil shading.

the 3rd is a zentangle, done on a 3 inch square in black ink. with pencil shading.


These make me miss the ATC swap even more! The water pump one is beautiful. I like the subtle color on the carnation. Zentangle is cool too.

Somehow, smaller makes you simplify to the basics and what you get are beautiful pieces…the water pump is fabulous

Beauties! The ATC swap is still happening on discord, get in there! I’d love to swap with you :).

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Love all of them, and agree that the pump one is especially awesome.

These are lovely!

I am still afraid of discord, but I’m for sure back in the ATC swap when it can be here again!

These drawings are fab! I especially like the intricacy of the zentangle one :smiley:

Beautiful little drawings!

Cute arts, I love the flower, the red adds something really interesting

Pump is one of my alltime fave ATCs I have ever seen