Wax Melting Pot

My husband loves candles and melts. So I learned how to make them. He took a presto kitchen kettle and converted it to a wax melter with a spout. He saw a video on YouTube.
Now I can really crank out some candles.


That is so clever! I love candles and melts. :purple_heart:

I’m not familiar with how it works. Does the heated wax come out the spout? Does it clog?

Wow, I’m impressed! I think I’d probably blow myself up if I tried to do that. :rofl:

Clever! I have always used a large V-8 can and an old saucepan with water…it sure doesn’t make it easy to pour and hard to control the temperature.

Hope to see some of your candles posted!

Yes the wax comes out of the spout. I fill it with about 10 pounds of soy wax and it’s safer then using the double boiler method on the stove. The heat of the wax keeps it from clogging the spout.

Ahhh, yes! That makes sense! Very cool!

And I do like soy better!