Wear Your Holiday Finery Outfit

My husband works in a state government office. They were asked to dress in their best holiday finery for their holiday party. There was a prize. This outfit DID NOT WIN. We wuz robbed.

Red wool coat with added fur, lights, fringe, garland, snowflakes, and door chime/bells.
Green velvet trousers. Black shoes with red laces and jingle bells. Top hat with lights.

He has an instagram.

People tell me, “Oh, your husband is such a good sport.” HA! It’s 100% him. I am merely the person who can sew things for him.


You guys were definitely robbed!

You were robbed! What won?

it looks like he had a fun regardless of the win, but he should have!

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How could that not win?!? Totally amazing! Love the fringe and the lights and the bells and the tinsel…

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That fringe is just the best! And you even did the shoes…I can’t imagine what did win if that didn’t!!!

I demand a recount! This is FANTASTIC! And classic; this’ll last for years. A new tradition!

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@Magpie I haven’t seen a picture, but supposedly some sort of Christmas onesie. I think he did not win because he’s a “higher up” and the optics would be bad if he got the gift card.


Ah, right. Well way to set a fabulous example for the staff.


Hey, at least we here voted it to be the best! I understand the higher ups having to be PC about this…which is thoughtful…but we don’t have to be! WINNER!


that jacket’s a mullet; business in the front, party in the back!
love the outfit!


@steiconi Business in the front–if your business involves fur and lights, and fringe and garland on the pocket flaps :). But heck yeah, the back makes the front look almost tame.


This is AWESOME! He’s like a Santa / Elvis Presley Christmas special / Dickens character all rolled into one!!! :heart_eyes:


Oh my Xmas. That fringe!! :star_struck: Certainly a winning outfit according to this lot. :trophy:

Woooaaah! :astonished: I love it!!