Weaving bands with cards

I have done some bands now, inkle weave. Where you have a small heddle and tie it around your waist to make bands.
But I want to try this other method too, where you have cards that you turn forward or backward, you thread each card with 4 strands. And thus create different patterns.

I have made some cards from a playing card deck, I have found out that it will work just fine. But where do one find patterns? And from how I write, you might understand that I dont know the proper english terms.
I have found a couple of easy of on a Swedish site, but do anyone know where you can find more, preferable free, patterns and instructions?
My library dont have that much when it comes to these topics unfortunate.

Thanks in advance!


I only know the English terms to put into a search engine, though I feel like there have got to be a bunch of Sweedish historical reenactors with good stuff out there…

My first recs include this, which has a lot of the basic set-up stuff and some “how patterns work & how to modify them” grounding: From one card-weaving warp, many patterns – Keith Weaves

And this one has a nice round-up of historically documented stuff & some spin-offs, a couple of which I’ve used before: Shelagh's Website | Patterns from the Past

(I also really like the book mentioned in the first link, Applesies and Fox Noses)

ETA, a google search for “card weaving pattern” or “tablet weaving pattern” will probably find you a bunch of stuff, tho you’ll have to sift for actual sites instead of just pinterest links & stuff. Hope that helps!


You want to look for tablet weaving. I’ve used this website in the past to create patterns - Tablet Weaving Draft Designer

This is an amazing book for tablet weaving, very comprehensive but she threads her cards backwards from some authors - Claudia Wollny Edition - Tablets at Work

That’s actually something to keep in mind when tablet weaving, there’s no standard draft format so cards are often threaded different - s vs z slant means different things to different authors. I haven’t done much googling for free patterns but try looking for “tablet weaving patterns” or tablet weaving books at your library. If you’re ever weaving something and it’s not looking right, try looking at the underside of the band and see if the pattern is there. Something to keep in mind with tablet weaving is often the bands are not reversible.


I haven’t tried tablet weaving, but Catherine Weaver has written some books and has a lot of resources (and several free patterns) on her website.

Author page

Website, Tutorials, Tablet Weaving Draft Designer


Oh yeah! Its called tablet weaving! Thank you so much for links and things! I will look at them and also search some myself! Now I have a good start! :smiley:


I looked at some of the patterns, and I wonder if you could also use friendship bracelet patterns? There is a website (friendship-bracelets.net) that has TONS of patterns for those. They are just patterns on a grid; not sure if they would be adaptable to tablet weaving.