Weeding Containers

Just made these this week. I wanted to have them
In multiple spots since I have a habit of cutting a bunch of vinyl projects in one sitting and may weed later.

Jars were thrift store finds, glitter craft foam was leftover from my Cricut drawer organizer and the smaller bedside table weeding container was originally a gum container cleaned up that I hadn’t found a use for until now. Oh and SVG source: https://betterlifeblog.com/weeding-scraps-jar/


lol I was so confused when I saw your post…as a gardener, I was thinking “why does she want to save her weeds?”…lol

I did not know weeding was a term used with saving those bits of leftover vinyl scraps…learned something new…and, again, clever to make useful things with your tools and hobby!

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Very clever! I have only recently started using my Cricut for vinyl and can see how having a receptacle for the weeded bits could be quite useful when you do a lot of vinyl. It hadn’t occurred to me that you would be saving them until AIMR mentioned it. If so, how would you use them?

That was my question as well… what will you be using your scraps for?

The containers look great! Yay for thrifting and up cycling!

Wedding scraps…bits of cake or rice?
Oh, WEEding scraps. what will you do with old plants?

Ah, THAT kind of weeding. what will you do with bits of vinyl?
combine them onto a masterboard?
use all the centers of Os to make polka dots?


lol That is exactly how my thinking went this morning! lol…I was in a fog until after three cups of coffee!


:rofl: Actually you just dump them when it gets full. I’ve actually found myself using it even when I have little paper bits from projects as well. Just keeps me from having to reach for a trash can every time.

Some people are using the little nail polish holders (like you would find at Five Below) because it will grab the vinyl off the weeding tool (yes, that is a thing). But I don’t like having it on my fingers that long.

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HA HA HA! I totally thought the same thing @AIMR. I didn’t know that term either. Nice way to keep all the scraps together.

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Sort of like our thread and fabric scrap catchers for us sewists! Only, I do use my scraps to make more fabric… :slight_smile:

Now your pen project makes total sense…lol…I did not respond because I did not understand a thing on that until now!

I’ve actually got one of the small tabletop trash bins, from Dollar Tree, that I keep yarn scraps in when I’m crocheting. (The trash symbol was covered by a vinyl yarn ball, which I would like to redo.) Then I use those to stuff any amigurumi projects I may do.


Oh, how disappointing!
I’ve been saving my 3d print scrap, got a shoebox full. It may wind up in the trash if I run out of storage space before finding a use for it.

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I red wedding scraps too. LOL! I like that you are keeping your area clean by gathering the scraps. Nice font too.

Yeah, I’d like to do a similar font when I organize my spices! Guess you could have wedding scraps. A hanky, piece of dress, cuff links, etc. :joy:

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