Weird Animals Embroidered Bunting

My partner in the Color in a Box swap asked for a bunting and loves the colors lime green and fuschia. I dug deep, and found some fabric in a pink that’ll work for fuschia that a friend gave me years ago, and used more of the left over lime green soccer jersey.

I learned from making the skeletal walrus embroidery that I would need to trace over my pattern in pen so I would see it well on the jersey fabric.

She also likes weird animals, so I embroidered 3 animals, one on each of 3 buntings.

Then the flags between the embroidered ones are opposite with the fuschia fabric.

I had purple bias tape in my stash, so used that to attach the whole bunting.

Thanks for looking!


so wonderfully weird I LOVE IT!


This was my most favorite thing you made! Your choice of weird animals was fantastic…I had not heard of that odd little armadillo!

Love how you alternated the bunting…and the touch of purple really tied the two colors together in a lovely combination!


What a fun bunting!


umm. you still have my address, right?

kidding! I just love those little creatures! this is a fun gift!

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I do! Glad you checked your mailbox!

Those are some seriously cute weirdos.

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I adore this bunting. The weird animal theme speaks to me.