Welcome Home Airport Sign

Our 11-year old was on a field trip to Florida this week. When he was leaving, he asked with the biggest grin, “Will there be any signs at the airport when you guys pick me up?”

So, naturally, we greeted him in the only acceptable manner.

I used a cute photo of him from the day he left and removed the background with Photoshop.

I found a free site to turn it into a multi-page poster we simply printed at home. Just align the margins of each page, snip off the extra paper, and tape them together on the backside. Highly recommend the site https://www.blockposters.com/

Once taped together, we cut out the head shape. Then we attached it to a giant piece of cardboard with rubber cement, and added a spare piece of wood from the garage to the back. We wrapped the handle with duct tape to jazz it up a bit (protect from splinters).

Of course, we had to take him on a little adventure on the way to pick up. “He” got so many laughs and compliments in the airport. It was so fun to bring smiles to complete strangers. :heart:

Our 15-year old tried to act like he didn’t know us. :see_no_evil: Until this moment. :laughing: From this moment on, we couldn’t pry it from his hands. :rofl:

Mission accomplished. Welcome to the dark side, baby.sweets4ever. :grin:


That is the best! And I love that you managed to rope in the 15yo.

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Dang if this isn’t the coolest welcome home ever! I may have to steal, er, borrow this idea.

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He had the sign peeking around corners, staring at people awkwardly, and more. It was perfection. :laughing:


Steal away! :heart:

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Awesome and so much better than the standard name card!


He has the cutest grin! No wonder his giant smile brightened the day of other airport goers :smiling_face:. I love this idea!

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How awesome!
Your kid has the best moms!

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This is brilliant. Last time I made airport signs it was the ‘careful now’ and “down with this sort of thing”, from father Ted.

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Outrageously funny. I’ll be laughing for days with this image.

Hahaha that’s hysterical

WHAT A HOOT! I can for sure see us using this tactic in future airport or train pick-ups.

This is so hilariously awesome!!