Welcome Mat - New Resident

This this baby came to live here, I’ve wanted her to have her own “space.” She insists on staying outside - since that’s where she’s spent her initial 13 years of life. She got this mat right after moving over here (from next door) and this week, she got her name added to it. Less than 12 hours and someone has already gotten a mud spot on it. :woman_facepalming:t3:


Did you paint the name on the mat? It looks great!

It is painted on wi5 a metallic silver then a light silver glitter over it.

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That’s so sweet! I’m sure she will settle in nicely with her own doormat!

Is the name Chewy? That’s what we call our youngest… his brother called him Matchew when he was little as he hadn’t got the ‘th’ sound yet.

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Chewy! Cute! The mat is perfect- a true “welcome” mat!

The Matchew story is super cute.

So sweet of you to take them in and make them feel welcome. Cute mat.

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Yes, Chewy. I thought it was because she sounds like Chewbacca but it turns out she was carried around by their dog when she was a kitten so they said she was “Baby’s Chew Toy.” So Chewy.

The story of how I ended up with her is really long. She’s had a rough year. Seems happy now though. She has gotten a new set of raised bowls since the photo was taken. Neighbor was using a broken tray from an auto feeder. Her human Mom passed away a few years ago. I still refer to her as her Mom.

Such a sweet idea! It’s not a mud spot, but a paw print claiming her new home and a ‘Thank You’ for making her feel welcome.