Welcome Wreath

I found this adorable vintage pattern and decided to make a wreath for my front door. I had an old wreath that I made probably 15 years ago, decided to attach the embroidery to it.

Close up of stitching.


Okay, so this is completely adorable, and I love it. :grin:


So cute! I donโ€™t know that I would trust that pup with my shoe, thoughโ€ฆ itโ€™s got mischief in itโ€™s eyes.


So cute! The wreath is a perfect complement to the vintage pattern.

Soooo cute! I love the pup, and the colour!

So cute & so accurate too. Welcome to the wee wily pup house!

Super cute! It works perfect with the wreath.

Cute idea!

:door: :dog2: Congrats! Your wonderful wreath is one of this weekโ€™s featured projects! :dog2: :door:

Aww! Thank you!

So cute!