Well out of scraps

Just an experiment here… :grinning:
I tried to make a well out of old cardboard boxes and egg cartons.
I say tried because I’m still not quite happy with the outcome.
So far I like the wonkiness of it and colour is also fine but some minor details still bug me. Like the fact that I can see the edge of the cardboard. Maybe I should use some kind of foam instead or dip the edges in some thick paint or use real stones.
The thing is…I dont want to buy anything new (except glue)
I think some (or a lot of) practice would make it look better (my inner perfectionist speaking here)


Could you use tape to tape over the cardboard pieces?

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Like painters tape? I can try.

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Wow, I can’t see any cardboard edges… looks great to me!

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Thank you…
But I can see them :grimacing: Maybe I just want the impossible

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Add some “grout” between the stones? Like a texture medium, there are DIY recipes out there.

How about using a stencil? @Knickertwist has some great videos here and here showing how she does it. You could cut your own stencil of uneven stones pretty easily.
She really goes into detail about the technique using a brick stencil here.
And here is another using natural bark for a more rustic look.

In case you haven’t guessed by now, I love her work! :smile:


Between the stones doesn’t bother me. It’s the edge of the well and the edge of the roof.
And I’d like to stick with the same materials if possible. Maybe add something to fix the problem but not too much. Was thinking that maybe I should make the stones out of paper mache.

But her work is beautiful :heart_eyes:
I’ll bookmark the links as a reference for a future project.

Oh, I think I see what you mean. The edge of the cardboard where you can see that’s what it’s cut from? Hmm… I think some texture medium could be added there and painted over to blend it in. If you dipped the cut edges into it before assembling that would be easier but no reason you couldn’t add it now.

@Onyxnox has a recipe for texture paste here.


:grinning: Thank you!
Thats exactly what my project was missing.
Going to buy baby powder now :grinning:

I think you can use corn starch too, might be worth an experiment is you want to stick with your no-buy plans :slight_smile:

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I have potato starch(I’ll try with that first then) don’t know if they have corn starch in stores around here.

Same thing, pretty much. Best of luck! Post your experiments, we’d all love to see how it goes :slight_smile:

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I love this! The wonk is utterly charming! A miniaturist I watch on YouTube uses drywall mud or wood filler to disguise the edges of cardboard and foam board, but I bet basic spackle used to fill nail holes, which you might have on hand, would work great too! All these things take paint well, too.


Thank you

Omg…I’m so stupid… :rofl:Why didn’t I think of that!?
I have like 15 kg of it because I’m renovating my kitchen.


NOT AT ALL! A kitchen reno and a tiny well are in totally different brain categories, right? I have picked up so much from Ara on her Bentley House Minis channel!


They are I guess🙂
I tried the spackle and it looks so much better already😀
Now I have to wait for it to dry and then it’s painting time.

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