Well then...you into spiders?



Love love love love! We are a :spider: loving family! :heart::heart::heart:

Robin, I actually had a pet tarantula once…till one day when I was cleaning his or hers tank, a cricket moved and that spider was on that bug so fast that I bolted upright! I couldn’t believe my eyes!! I didn’t know they could move that fast. Meanwhile, I had this spider for about 6 or 7 months and I never saw him move an inch! I thought these guys were slow movers. HAH!! That day was the last day I took my time cleaning his tank because I had my hand in there while the spider was in there, too!


I’ve had 2 tarantulas as pets (classroom pets). Love your knitted version.

Did yours move? LOL!

We have a tarantula. It’s still kind of small, only about 3 inches. It sits like a rock most days; in fact I’ve touched it with a brush to make sure it was still alive. So far, Syrup is always alive but just not interested in moving. I’m sure one day it’ll surprise the crap out of me. :grimacing:


It’s really great!

Ahh! I love him!

It’s the rare yarn creature that speaks to me, but this tarantula really does. I think she’s saying, “Gimme a little pet and we’ll be fast friends.”

That is way cool.

That’s really life like. When my daughter was 5 we went to a kid museum and they had live tarantulas. So she asked to touch one and it literally jumped 5 feet onto her sweater. She thought that was so cool. I screamed so loud people in another area came running. To this day I am terrified of tarantulas.


So incredibly lifelike! I wouldn’t want to meet one of these in a dark room…

Very well done! I am not a fan but I would never kill a spider. I just keep my distance and appreciate them from afar.

Congrats! Your knitted tarantula is a featured project for this week! :spider: :spider: :spider:

Hi Bo!!
I am so, sooo, thrilled!!! Who woulda thought a spider could achieve such an honor!! I am amazed and very grateful. Thank you so much!!


Tara, you are a brave soul! I like spiders and as a child had a jar with 3 robust black widows in it. I used to like watching them fight. I was around 10 then and didn’t know anything about black widows…that they were dangerous and such. I would scoop them up with a smaller jar and toss them in the big one. Used to get them from the old wood shed. However, I did find out all about them when my brother ratted me out to my mother who proceeded to warm up the back of my behind with the back of her hand. Punctuating EVERY word she said with a whack! LOL! I never minded letting spiders walk on my hand, but for some reason, I never let those pretty black ones with the red spot on their belly, do that. Instinct, I guess!

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Wow! Such an awesome spider and you knitted it. Usually when I see critters like that they’re crocheted.

Love this baby! I had a big one as a child. Mom hated it I adored him!(she?) LOL Yours is fantastically beautiful!

They really are quite beautiful creatures!!

So cool!!