Wet Strength Tissue Paper

I have been hearing tons about ‘wet strength tissue paper’ for so long and have been trying to find it. Turns out it was unavailable in the US for the past few months. It is back now but the company that makes it only sells it via Amazon 480 sheets for $110 w/ tax to the US. You cannot get it in smaller quantity sent here as far as I can tell.

So I bit the bullet and bought it but I will never be able to use all 480 sheets. If you are interested in a smaller quantity send me an IM. I am not looking to turn a profit, but help with offsetting the actual cost. I figured I would ask here of folks who I know might be hoping to get their hands on some before I turn to EBay or Poshmark. I am expecting arrival by October 5th.

Hope everyone had a creative weekend!

edit: coincidentally, this video reviewing wet strength tissue paper came out about 2 hours after I made this post. If you want to know what wet strength tissue paper is capable of, see here.


Why wet strength? Is this something I need?

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It’s a different type of paper. People use it for gelli plates, dyeing, collage fodder… It is stronger than normal tissue paper, goes semi transparent, you can get it wet without ripping it. It seems like so much fun! Which is why I took the leap and bought some. Well, that and my ‘sickness’ of needing every craft supply there is :smiley:

Here is one video that talks about it, but you can just search for “wet strength tissue paper” in YouTube and come up with tons of videos

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Thanks for explaining!

It looks like washi paper in the video…

How big are the sheets? Were you thinking to offer like 20 sheets for $5?

That is about correct. The breakdown is 23 cents per sheet and I would ask that you also cover shipping. I’ll send you as many sheets as you want via USPS in a manila envelope; not sure how much that would be but shouldn’t be more than a few bucks I am sure.

The sheets are 27.56"L x 19.69"W. In the video I linked in the edit you can see how big they are. I would have to fold them to get them to you in an envelope though so be aware of that!

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I bought some a couple years ago and have more than I’ll ever use. I wish I would have known you wanted some, I could have shared!

Edited to add - I’m not sure how much the shipping is but you can get free tube mailers from USPS if you don’t want to fold the tissue paper https://store.usps.com/store/product/shipping-supplies/dual-use-priority-mailpriority-mail-express-small-tube-P_O_1098S

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ah shoot - yeah hindsight I should have just asked here first!

Good idea on the tubes. I’ll price check those, but I do see they charge extra for 'non standard size" so may be out of price range

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I PM’d to request some! Can’t wait to try it out - I’ve had my eye on it for a while (half for a specific project and half because I suffer the same sickness of needing all the supplies :joy:). Thanks, again, for posting @BeesKnees !


Hello Brandee,

I just tried to purchase on Amazon. I want to try this stuff, not commit to an abundance just yet! It’s cost prohibitive for me @ $65. I would love to purchase 20-25 sheets. If you would, please confirm availability and the price you are looking for with shipping.

Many thanks,


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Sent you an IM!

Hi. I have been trying to find some wet strength tissue paper to purchase. I just joined the forum so not sure how to DM anyone. Would anyone want to sell 50 sheets? Thanks so much!