What a resource!

I’m not sure if other people are aware of this, but I have only recently discovered books such as (link is to Amazon):

Extraordinary Things to cut out and collage - Maria Rivans

Vintage Botanical Illustration - by Kale James

Cut and Collage Kale James

Cut and Collage 2 Kale James (he actually has a whole lot more books in this collage/mixed media series)

I’ve bought the first two, and the first one has arrived today…I am in love! The book pages are actually larger than A4. I want to use the pictures as references for my drawing, but I also want to use them for mixed media collage as well!
The good thing about the James Kale books is they come with a digital copy of all images for reference, I wish the Extraordinary Things book had that as well, because the pictures are just too awesome!

Here are 3 random pages I flipped to… (excuse the bad nighttime photos)
image image image


Oh wow, that’s awesome! I don’t even do collage and I want those books now. Haha.

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That is really cool. Have you checked out Dover publications. It’s a British imprint that has a lot of those kinds of things. I haven’t checked, I’m assuming they are still going. They even used to have free downloads from their website.


Hmmm… I have vague memories of those downloads. Unless I’m confusing it with some other site.

Wow! I want those books,too!

These are some of the things they do. I can’t see any free downloads any more.


Yess, thanks for the share! I hadn’t ever seen these before, usually I just get picture book/encyclopedias, but this is even better!!!