What are planar resins and does anyone have pics?

I was looking up Halloween stuff online and came across the category of “planar resins”. Are they just flat pieces of plastic with an image on them? Similar to if you made a shrinky dink thinness? Does anyone have a side view? I’m trying to decide if they would work for a project. When I Googled it, all that came up were wholesale sites.

I’d never heard of them, so googled. It’s like there’s a conspiracy to conceal information about this stuff.
I saw references to “planar resin flatbacks” but they all seem to have flat fronts, too. What a mystery!

I know, right? I’m going to order some and see what this is all about. If it turns out it’s not something I can use then I can put is as swag inside geocaches. When they come in, I’ll post some pics!

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@steiconi They came in and now I have pics! They appear to be of sturdy plastic and are thin.

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Cool, kind of shrinky dink-ish.
Thanks for sharing a picture; enquiring minds want to know!

Yes, I figure if anyone else wants to know as well, here it is.

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