What are these looms called?

I think this is a stand?

This one is a biggie

Lots of bits & bobs came with too.


It looks like a tapestry loom that someone is trying to use a rigid heddle with. The “rigid heddle” is the long wooden piece with plastic slots and holes in it. Rigid heddle is a type of loom but usually has heddle rests and cloth/warp beams.


Coolio. What are the other 2 called? The one with the nails is clearly handmade, the other has a manufactured hooky bar thing.

@photojenn @HelenR-H 2 of these shuttles don’t make sense to me.

There’s no pin to hold a bobbin in place. I am finding nothing online for Fletcher. Any ideas?

We’re delivering a 4 shaft loom to my step-mama this weekend. I do not need 2 of those! She’s so excited to have one, & I’m so happy to have one for her!

The metal tips make me think they are for a fly shuttle so only really useful to you as decoration (unless you have a semi-industrial loom in your stash you didn’t show :slight_smile: )

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She did have 2 big looms, they were given away before (thank goodness or there’d be no room left inside my house!). I’ll donate these to the guild. They really are very pretty but I don’t collect decorative items (or there’d be no room left inside my house!).