What is this, the Easel question

So, a while ago I bought an easel in a thrift store.
It’s something I have wanted for all my life! I was so happy to find it for just 18€ (± 18$).
I started using it, but there is this thing that’s on it and it gets in the way of the canvas. I just put it behind the vertical thing, on the other side of it.
Painters of Lettuce, what is this part?

I know that the part on the vertical thing is to keep the canvas steady, but this thing is on there too. Why?

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I’m not a painter and have rarely used an easel but I like solving mysteries, well trying to, and I may have an idea. I googled easel pictures from new to vintage and wonder if it’s an extension so you can hold larger canvases.

Here’s my suggestion in picture form

fold the section in your hand back to where my red lines are and tighten the screw. That should put the block with the notched edge pointing out and it would steady a larger canvas.

The only issue I see is the tightening screw being in the way so I wonder if that piece is on backwards and the screw should be at the back.

Thanks for thinking with me!
I know what you mean, but the screw only tightens the rectangular block and doesn’t do anything for the piece I’m holding in the picture you used.
It has 2 screws in the sides, but that doesn’t look like anything that has to be tightened in a regular way. Like in a way that you do this on any given day if you want to use a bigger canvas. (Am I making sense?)

I can take that whole piece of and put it at the back, but then I don’t have something that keeps the canvasses in place. So perhaps that’s the point of it, being interchangable to front and back.
But still, the arms don’t stay in the air, they sweep around.
Ah! Or perhaps they came loose during the years and I need to tighten them now for just one time, so they stay up!

Hmmm … now I’m even more curious. Does it have a brand name anywhere?

I was wondering the same thing. Or if you can go to google and search for easel instructions and find the same one by looking through the images page?

I think it may be the hinge to allow your canvas to angle upright. I think it should be attached on the reverse side, and the tab should slot in to the easel.

Here is my easel…

The Mabef website might be useful for assembly instructions too :slightly_smiling_face:


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Omg!!! That makes total sense!
I just went to my easel and looked… I don’t have a opening where I can put that piece in.

And if I put the piece on like you have, I don’t have a piece that can hold the canvas in place.

I think my easel is missing something!

The opening would be in the top horizontal piece, if it’s similar to mine. If you don’t have an opening to slot the tab into, then you may well be missing a piece or two. But, you should be able to use the easel anyway :smiley: yay for thrift store bargains!

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