What is this tool?

I’m inventorying my craft bits and bobs but am not sure what this little fella is. If you know please share!


Looks like you hold the loop and grab something with the hook.
Handle seems too decorative to be just a tool, more like something intended to be seen. Maybe a drape puller?

It’s a button hook. Used to fasten tiny buttons on shoes, clothes, etc. Really popular in the Victorian/Edwardian period.


It is a button hook…it goes into the button hole and pulls the button into it without stretching the buttonhole…I have the exact same one only in silver!

You probably don’t remember all of those gloves and pieces of clothing with those loopy button closures…they were a pain for fat fingers so these were used.

Vintage Buttonhook


Ah. For some reason, I thought it was about 18" long!

Yep, button hook.

Excellent, thanks, everyone! I should have out a tape measure next to it. I have things from my Grandmother and a few other hand-me-down adoptions from my years of people knowing i’m a yarny and they give me their granny’s things, too.
I shall brush off his dust a bit and give him a spot in my China cupboard for all to admire. (“All” being me for now cuz, Covid. Boo.)


I’m swooning over the fact that so many of my friends here seem to have button hooks! I’m a huge sucker for all things Victorian… :star_struck:


AntBee, if it helps to know, there has been a button hook in just about every costume shop I’ve ever worked in. And inevitably every student at some point asked what it was too. So you’re not alone in asking!


Neato! I’ve never seen one in real life but remember watching Shirley Temple struggling with on in “The Little Princess” :heart:

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