What to do to old pub chairs

I have these pub chairs and I don’t know what to do with them. I would love some ideas on how to make these bad boys better!


Ohhhh these are really fun! I’ve always secretly wanted to learn upholstery, so if I had them, I would probably learn/practice on them (after sanding/finishing/painting the actual chair parts).

Knowing me, they would all be bright colors.


Cool! I’m a big fan of wood. I’d sand them down, give them a few layers of bees wax and next give each one a different seat cover, give each one its proper identity. Sorry @Mountains_and_Clouds, no paint on that lovely wood for me thank you ;-D That’s where the history of the chair is.


I am with you, @Mountains_and_Clouds…I would paint those chairs with loud bright colors and maybe even some checks and stripes. I would then see if the upholstery could be painted with some sort of design, a flower or maybe a gecko, and if not, bright upholstery fabric.

I am a big fan of Michele Sprague who does furniture in the style of MacKenzie-Childs… it is a harlequin style with lots of black and white, diamonds, etc.

Michele Sprague Coffee Table example


You could definitely paint/stain them and then redo the cushions in a funky fabric or a cool vinyl or oil cloth.


Are you trying to reuse them as chairs? Or to repurpose/upcycle them all together?

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Those are great. Maybe I’m saying this on the wrong site, ha, but I’d probably try to do the bare minimum. Clean them, for sure, and then maybe let their history speak. If the upholstery (vinyl? leather?) is in cruddy shape, then I’d go for the reupholstery.

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Hear. Hear. ;-D

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Can I just :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:?

Yep, that’s how I would go about it too: bring out the best in the wood and replace the upholstery. The chairs are gorgeous.

Great chairs!!! I agree - love the wood and patina - maybe just some light clean up of same and clear coat/wax/oil to highlight and protect the wood - and I would totally replace the fabric with a funky fabric and love the nailhead finish.

If you really want to totally transform them, you could combine two (face to face at the flat edge) and then cut off half the spindles to make a loveseat. I’ve seen them do stuff like that on “Flea Market Flip”.

Doubt I would have the energy to do that, though! Actually, if it were truly me, I might refurbish them a bit and then crochet bomb them…

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