What to do with this

I’m working on a “new finish, old finish” attempt to clear off the flimsy shelf. This was put together from a block swap at deadster and is probably my oldest wip (other than the hexies that took over the world)
But the dimensions are all screwy. It’s really long


Should I
A-take it all apart and remake it with a different layout (not on point with sashing?)
B-take the bottom two rows off


You have 23 blocks which is an awkward number.
I like the B option. Take two rows off the top or bottom and then add them to one side. You would have to move the white 1/2 triangles and make one more block. Then you would have a square.
Or A option. Take it all apart, make one more block and assemble with sashing for a 4 x 6 kor 4 x 5) layout.
Or C. Take partially apart for a 4 x 6 (or4 x 5) with no sashing and a border.

I didn’t figure out the measurements, so it might depend on what final size would work best for you. I like the fun color variations in the blocks

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C) Add borders?

I don’t think the size is that odd, it’s the perfect shape for a quilt on a bed but unless it goes on a single bed, it should probably be a bit wider.

D) Finish it as is and give it to someone who sleeps in a single bed!


Well, what would you like to do with it when it’s finished? Is there a spot in your home you want it for, or a person you’d like to gift it to? If you figure out how/where it will be used, you might be able to figure out what to do to the current piece to get it there.

If you were going to put it on a twin bed, I’d just add borders and finish it as is. But if you wanted it to be a lap quilt for reading, maybe you need to take it partially apart, and make a few more blocks to add in. Since it doesn’t look like any of the fabrics are repeated, you could easily add more blocks that wouldn’t look out of place.


As a tall person, i actually appreciate rectangular lap quilts instead of square!

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I second this. A square lap quilt leaves my feet and ankles out in the cold!

That said, my initial thought when looking at the proportions were how nice a quilt would be for laying over the seat of a wooden bench to give it a little cushion and color.


Unless one has a “vision” (use dramatic actor mysterious voice there) for a project I always vote to go forward rather than back. As was said upthread the dimensions are solid for a twin bed. Were I in your shoes I would proceed as-is and send her off to seek her fortune as a twin-ish sized piece.


“mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to date math nerds”

Turns out these dimensions almost hit the golden ratio perfectly.

It does not have a home. It’ll get added to the stack of orphaned quilts and eventually will find where it needs to live.

Thanks for throwing out your ideas and opinions.


I vote for adding borders to the side. Its easiest and would look good and give you a twin size quilt.


Add fabric to the sides…solid white, scrappy strips, piano keys, random blocks. It will be perfect no matter what you do.