A cake for my brother! He’s a lover of Whataburger. So much so, that he received a pair of Chuck Taylor type shoes with the branding this Christmas. (For those not in the US/the Southwest-it’s a fast food chain that has a high loyalty/following in Texas. I think it’s ok, but I’m not a huge fast-food burger person.)

My husband took the logo on their cup

And made this version per my request in five minutes (which would have taken me forever since I would have done it freehand).

I used a butter based batter to follow the template (mirror image) then froze it. Then covered with a sponge cake batter and baked briefly. Once cool, I used a mold and filled that sucker with white chocolate mousse. Then my kids and I brought joy to “Uncle B” and distracted him from yard work. He loved it!

In case you want the recipe:

Decor batter:
20 grams each soft butter, cake flour, powdered sugar (icing sugar) and egg white. Mix and color as desired. Pipe into designs on a tin lined with parchment. Freeze tin until ready to bake.
Cake batter:
30 ml oil
60 grams reg sugar (divide into two 30 grams)
100 ml milk
80 grams cake flour
3 egg whites
1/2 tsp vanilla

Mix 30 g sugar with vanilla, milk, and oil. Sift in flour, stir until smooth. Beat egg whites and 30 g sugar until glossy, medium stiff peaks form- fold gently into batter.

Cover Frozen decor in parchment lined tin with batter-smooth-then bake In 340F oven.

Mold if desired with filling of choice!


Great job! I know nothing about this place but you nailed the logo. I hope your brother appreciated it.

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That’s killer! What a perfect interpretation of the logo.

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What a loving, thoughtful cake! So clever!

Your cake turned out sooooo coooool! And looks a little like whataburrito which makes me smile.

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This is so cool. I bet he loved it. Well done.

Ridiculous but fun, as all the best sibling presents are. :grin:

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What an accomplishment! It looks amazing.

Wow, how fun and personal! It looks great!!

Wow, so cool! The logo is totally readable and it looks delicious :drooling_face:

That is amazing! So cool.

so extra! i love it!


Cool, quirky, and personalized. Love it!

A very fun cake! I’m impressed that you traced the design so well in batter!

To awesome to eat! My brother loved Whataburger too!