What's the finest (in texture) air-dry clay?

I don’t have access to a kiln, but I’ve an idea for an assemblage piece, it needs slender legs. I’m thinking of a wire armature, and I need some kind of clay for the top. The only one I’ve used is Das, and I didn’t live it, it has lots of fibres in it for strength, but of you pull bits off and try and stick then together, there are no fibres across the job and so it’s weak. This is it https://www.amazon.co.uk/DAS-1kg-Modelling-Clay-White/dp/B001GAP4YA it’s pretty cheap and not very satisfactory.

What other kinds of clay can I use? I’ve used polymer clay before, but I’d like something a little more ceramic-y

I’ve only used polymer clay. I’d be interested in knowing what other clays you can use without a kiln to get a ceramic-y look.

What about paper mache? It’s hard to get a smooth surface so you have to work at it, but much stronger than clay for slender pieces. You can sand after drying or coat with a thin layer of paper clay.

I’ve worked a bit with that and it is an option, but it’s the smooth surface.

I’ve not used paper clay and I wonder if that’s similar?

paper clay is fun to work with. It is light and smooth and dries very light, but tends to crack. After you put several layers of paint on it, it gets more substantial. And you can use it fairly thin. But on slender parts, it would probably be a pain to work with, but I might be wrong. I’ve never tried it. It would depend on the size I guess.

That’s good to know, the last type of air dry clay I used did crack and I couldn’t get the cracks covered with paint.

I just added more paper clay to the cracks, smoothed them out and let dry again. Letting it dry slowly seems to help some. I haven’t done much with paper clay for a while, and it all dried out! It is hard to keep sealed enough. I’ll order more when I need it.