Wheel of the Year 2022

Hello,Wulf! It’s so good to see you post and to have your little icon show up. I’d say the Wheel called to you…with a little help with the power of tagging! : )

I’m working on themes of fire and renewal for Brigit. It’s cheating, but I have been lighting a matchless candle at night, and fall asleep to the flickering light. (It turns off after 5 hours.). I might end up doing small embroidered animal totems, and connect them as a panel instead.

@Edel I’m so happy you are getting together with friends to celebrate the moon!


@JoyfulClover Thank you for tagging me! My first LC activity thingy! This magical post is giving me so many ideas and I got a book about candle magick for Christmas so I might start there. But mayhaps a drawing of a wolf just to get things flowing…


ooh, both of these are so in the moment.

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Wolfie has arrived!


I really like the jaw and the leg curve!

I dug out empty pots, and I’m repotting indoor plants tonight.

And the massive metal futon was swept away by ReStore. It feels good to get rid of large items!

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Tomorrow is the full moon! Does anyone have any plans?


Thank you for the reminder; I’ll make some plans now! :grin: The silver lining in losing my favorite, most magical tree recently is that now I can see the moon. I really lost touch with all-things-Moon since moving to my current house because there was so little sky visible…which was fine because being under a blanket of trees is also lovely and nurturing. But with that and the new year, it’s the perfect time to get reacquainted with the Moon. :full_moon_with_face:

This isn’t specific to where we are in the wheel but it was inspired by this thread, from today’s Art Journaling Zoom:


Yes. I’m having a moon circle with two friends. I’ve not had a lot of time to prepare, but our plan is to do all of the moons this year. So it’ll be a simple enough start.

Happy quiet (wolf) moon to you all. I’ve just found that is also called the quiet moon. Time to turn in and rest until spring really starts.

My ‘question’ / thought for this moon is.

How can I nurture a friendship with myself


@calluna I love how the colors bleed towards the center of the page. This piece is really restrained.

I’m sorry you lost your tree, but now the moon can speak to you! And I feel that! I rehomed some of my houseplants, and now the window is unblocked. I can see the moon glow at night. And with bare winter branches, I can also watch the sunrise in the morning.

Edel! How was your moon circle? I ran out for a moment to say a quiet wish, but then hustled back in. Burrrr! This IS the ice moon!


Working on drawing snowdrops (Imbolc theme) on some candles I made…


Our moon circle was lovely, I didn’t have a huge amount of time to prepare, but I made these, images from online, with some text added. They were glued to two pieces of stiff card and sewn so they made a pocket. After a walking mediation/circle dance, we wrote on strips of paper the things we could do to nurture a friendship with ourselves. The pockets are destined for our personal altars. I thought this could be a monthly project with a different question for each moon.

I also found this lovely poem online, that I wrote out in white on black card

We did a short soundbath too, from the insight timer app. It was really nice. Lovely to connect.


@Calluna I :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: that page, the butterfly really makes it pop.

@chiaroscuro those candles are gorgeous. I love the simplicity of the line.


@chiaroscuro I love the minimal snowdrop on the matte jar. What was the scent you used?

@Edel I really appreciate the moon pockets for the altars. A small reminder of what to come back to.

It’s just now starting to snow here. I’ve been stepping out every night and sending out a quick little wish under the stars. Tonight, the moon is hidden, but the glow is casting a purple grey hue across the whole sky, as little flurries fall. It feels magical.


@JoyfulClover a smoky vanilla!

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I found this huge, unmarked 2014 calendar in the recycle bin at work, made from decent quality cardstock and a spiral binding:

To make it a more manageable size I folded the pages in half (cat for scale):

Now I have a combo writing and art journal, with the plan of filling one page for each of the next 13 New Moons to develop some kind of arty ritual to mark the occasions.


I’m going to join along! I have long suspected, but never tracked, what I am drawn to, what I create at any given time is often dictated by the phases, seasons and more. I’m going to use this to keep a record of my year and see if this holds true.

I often find I create in a medium in bits like totally into paper right now, but soon that will change and something else will come up. Even the colors and genres appealing to me change over time.


Hi everyone! Friday, Feb 4th is Imbolc! Would anyone like gather round the ol computer cameras and make some St. Brigit crosses together? These are typically made with rushes, but I made a small one with pine needles. And I have seen ones make of sticks, paper, metal, or fabric!

Quick tutorial

Zoom* early Saturday morning? 7am EST / 12pm GMT. I know it’s early, but I hope y’all can make it! Vote yes below if you can make it, and I’ll add you to a PM and post the invite (similar to the paper zoom). *>> I will be using my Teams chat, and invitations are sent via email. BUT, you don’t have to download a new app, you can choose to open it in a browser instead <<

[moved poll down because I messed it up!]

If you can’t make it, I hope everyone will take some time to reflect and set some maker intentions! Or even make your own crosses. This was also an enjoyable video, as they also shared multiple versions, and many stories of Brigit .


It was St Brigit’s day here yesterday, my husband was in the hardware store and came home with two crosses. Someone was making them locally to raise money for a charity. Mine is on my personal altar. (Which I finally set up, almost almost a year of renovations)

Altar cloth and two hoops embroidered by @joyfulclover


I’ll be at work Saturday morning, but thank you for offering!

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I can try! My guild meets this Saturday at 10 so I need to leave by 9:30 to open and set up. But, I’m always up early