Wheel of the Year 2022

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@Edel - I remember making those! I love your altar. And your husband gets 3 cheers for supporting a local small business! Good on him!

@calluna - I’m sorry you can’t make it! But hope you get off early!

@Bugaboo - yes, I don’t think it will go all that long. Maybe an hour? I’ve thought of potentially including a small little Imbolc passage, if I can find something inspirational?

Thank you @JoyfulClover for hosting this am I had a fabulous time with you and @Edel

Here is my little St.Brigit cross! Made from some awfully treated quilling paper no longer suitable for quilling, but it will now become part of my junk journal and perhaps on the page shown because it was made amongst friends!



You’re welcome, @Bugaboo! It was so fun to finally meet you and @Edel and chat! Thank you for the early morning coffee klatch!

Here is my cross, made out of scrapped copper wire:

Afterward, I heard a noise and in the woods behind my house - FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 10+ YEARS - I saw a small herd of deer! I counted 9 with one buck. I know people are nay sayers. I am not. I feel lucky to have seen them romp around the creek. And I’m taking it as a good omen.

Blessed Be, dear friends!


@MightyMitochondria recalled to mind in the Easter swap Ostara is around the corner and I need to get on the ball and post!

The Snow Moon is on the Horizon February 16, followed by the Worm Moon (Mar 18). And Ostara is March 20.

I will do a post in the next day or so. I’m thinking of maybe wood burning an egg I picked up for a project never started. Maybe with some paint. I enjoyed our call, so may do another?

@Wulf do you still carve eggs? There is a name I am off to look for. I know I know it. With a p?

I hope everyone is well. We’ve had a few warm days here, but snow is on the horizon. Mother Nature continues to slumber here. How about you?


Are you thinking pysanka? Thats traditionally a batik wax method in the Ukraine but people often refer to any carved eggs as pysanka

You would feel very blessed here, we have a heard of deer that live here so I see them every morning, eating all my bushes and everything in site! There is an albino and then amazingly a female that broke her leg maybe 3 years ago now, she’s still around walks with a limp but has a fresh fawn or 2 every year

And we’re getting more snow too!

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Yes, that’s the word I was searching for! But honestly, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen his project and I’m not 100%. I may have mixed up 2 different ideas.

Yes, I would be happy. The deer haven’t come back [that I’ve seen]. I have seen an albino once, though!! It was a wonderful experience. If I had one in my area, I would be that person setting up cameras to etch for them.

Happy Full Moon, everyone! from Eco Enchantments

‘Full moons come,
Full moons go,
softening nights
with their silver glow.
They pass in silence
all untamed,
but as they travel
they are named.’

Rhyme from ‘When the Moon is Full’ a book for young children by Penny Pollack (pub. Little Brown0

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Blessings to you, I’m doing a small fool moon circle tomorrow. On the theme of hunger moon.

The questions being. “What are you hungry for in your life?” " What hungers have you suppressed, and why?". “What if you allowed your hunger to be fully satisfied?”

EDIT: I’ve just noticed I wrote fool moon, rather than full moon. I think I’ll keep it :joy:


Hey, if every moon gets named, Fool Moon for the moon close to Valentine’s Day seems like a good choice! And hunger turns us all into fools, as well. :smile:

Those prompts really speak to me, as well! I’ve been looking at that theme quite a bit recently…We are perpetual WIPs.

I just did a quick little observance last night because I was really sleepy, but I’m seeing how valuable these little moments to check in with Nature and Self and Source are, even if only taking a few minutes.

What is working for me is pulling four SoulCollage cards with a question in mind, contemplating their message, then leaving them out on display until the next full/new moon. Then i give them one more reflection at that time, before putting them back, starting with a new question/intention and pulling new cards. I would do the same with Oracle or tarot cards if I had them, but SoulCollage is what feels best to me, since it’s completely personal from the crafting to the reading/interpretation.

My big ol’ box of SoulCollage cards:

Someday I’ll make a shrunken, portable deck of cards from them, but I like the physical immensity and weight of it all; it’s a palpable reminder of all the sources of support and wisdom available to and within us.


I have never heard of Soul Collage, but love reading your description and how you are using them for inspiration. Did you make them all? What size are they?

Is that your spicy foster kitty??

She’s mine all mine, til death do us part! The spicy fosters went on to more suitable homes, and this one hasn’t cut or stabbed me much at all. I haven’t loved another soul as much as I love this cat in a LONG time. She hasn’t let me have a solid night’s sleep in months and yet I can’t even be irritated with her. She is the best of cats. Okay, I’ve praised her enough here behind her back, I’d better get back to paying attention to her. :rofl:

But anyway, yes, I’ve been making these cards off and on since 2005, and they’re 5x7 inches, on mat board. It’s an intuitive collage practice that connects us to our deeper knowing through imagery rather than words. I don’t put photos of mine online since the images are used with neither permission nor awareness of where they came from.
Eventually, ideally, we create a card for each part of who we are that has a place at the decision-making table in our minds (just like the characters in the movie Inside Out, except we have far more of them!). There are also cards representing actual people/places/pets that have significance to us, cards representing archetypes that are influential in our lives, and cards representing Source/God, animal spirit guides, and/or other such entities in accordance with one’s beliefs.

Usually the card gets made, in a meditative space, before knowing what it means or who it is supposed to be; it’s a powerful way to discover and connect with parts of ourselves that we push away or don’t know at all.

Making the cards is therapeutic in itself, but then consulting them for guidance over the years is also very eye-opening and helpful for some people. If you’ve ever done the journaling practice of writing an imaginary letter to yourself from someone whose wisdom you value, it’s kinda like that --accessing our truth from an unconscious part of our minds by coming at it from an angle that bypasses the ego.


I love your soul collage idea. It really speaks to me.


Scratch the questions I was going to ask, you have already answered them, but also

Do you start with a bank of images and select one? And then collage intuitively.

Any chance you could post one, but I completely understand image attribution, so it’s cool if there isn’t one you can post.

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Thanks, starting with a bank of images is the normal way it starts, but we paper hoarders have a way of collecting images that speak to us and keeping them even if we don’t have a project for them. :wink: so it can be rather interesting to see what comes up when using one of those. It’s nice to work with an image pool that’s new to you, too, so you can select things more spontaneously.
Usually it’s a focal point that grabs you, and other elements just come together for a background, but sometimes your intuition wants things together or in certain positions for unknown reasons, so all sense of aesthetics is put aside. It’s okay to do some with intentional symbolism too.

this one I think is okay to share:

I won’t spoil it with my personal interpretation, so you can put your own on it, but the way you’d do it is to speak in the first-person as the image itself, starting with the prompt “I am the one who…” As I try to explain it, without the hands-on element, it doesn’t make much sense at all – so I’m happy to do an informal demo over Zoom sometime. I just don’t want to run afoul of the organization that created it.

Here is their main website, which has several examples of cards and readings, though I still don’t think it makes total sense until you’re doing it yourself…the website seems geared towards therapists and instructors more than the people making the cards, but it will explain a bit better than I do. www.soulcollage.com


That is a very powerful image. And I would love an informal demo at some stage. Apart from me being intrigued by this as a concept. I love hearing about other people’s processes.


I went looking for tutorials last night but I wasnt in the right mindset.

I would love to attend an informal ‘card collage’ session. If you’re willing, I can set up a call?

If not, just talking about it is sparking synapses

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Yes, that would be lovely! And I appreciate the idea of just doing something to spark the synapses; that’s very low pressure. :grin:


Though the Wheel is always slowly turning, it’s rather nice to catch a glimpse of it underway. First bloom today!

It made me realize that I don’t yet have many landmarks for spotting other impending seasonal changes (having grown up in the land of Endless Summer). Other than plants, there must be some indicators in wildlife and weather that people rely on each year. It’s something I can start paying more attention to and learning from the locals.
AND, tying it back in with the intention of the craftalong, I have an Alisa Burke nature journal class to work through, and this seems like the perfect initial intention for starting a nature journal.


It’s a deep freeze here, that’s lovely to see. I’m looking forward to purple & white crocus peeking through the snow soon.