When Pigs Fly

Have you ever woken up and just had to make a pig? No? Just me? Well, that is what I did this morning…

I was cleaning up a bit last night and came across a box of sweaters that I had previously felled/felted for future projects…I pulled out a pretty pink sweater to take to my craft room…

This morning, it became a pig…

Of course, not just any pig…but a flying pig! The sweater had a tie that I used to make a little tail.
When anyone tells you that things won’t happen until pigs fly, know in your heart that sometimes they do! My little pig will remind me of the many times in my life, that good things happened when pigs fly!


That tail! :joy:

Awww. It’s so cute! I :heart::pig::heart:

My country boy dad had a phrase, “Cuter’n a pig a-peein,” which I was told was VERY cute. This is at least that cute!


I love your sweet little pig! :sparkling_heart:

Squeee!! The sweet little pig that just had to beeeeee!!!

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Oh, just adorable :smiley:

The FACE! Oh dear heart, I faint from cuteness.

:pig: :pig:

He is toooo cuuute, I love him!

Aaaw, she’s so cute!

So flippin cute! And the tail is adorable.

Adorable! I can see why you just HAD TO make him!

Too Cute! I bet she is super snuggly too. I love her. She reminds me of a super fancy Nini (is that what they were called?) doll!

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I joined the Ninni craze and many swaps…so yes, I base almost all the things I make on that similar, two dimensional pattern and then add arms or ears…very simple…I have enjoyed all the more complex stuffies with gussets and all, but, these are fine for me…and fast! I just scatter them around because they make me smile, and as my husband says, satisfies the child in me!

Thanks, everyone…just working to stay positive in 2021!


Adorable. Yes, I understand just walking up being to make a big. :laughing:

That is a super cute pig! I also love the wings :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This couldn’t be any cuter!

I like simple the best anyway. Easier, but always so much more whimsical. Great flying pig!

This is just the cutest ever.