Where can I find this fabric to use for a dress alteration?

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to find a place online to ask about this, I’m not very experienced with this stuff at all but am putting together a gift for someone and would really appreciate help!

My mum is a big fan of the show Severance and especially the character Helly, and adored this dress that she wears in it:

I’ve uploaded a full reference album here :slight_smile:

My local sewing shop said that if I can provide them with a dress and the coloured strips, they’ll sew them together for me in the same design.
I think I’ve found a reasonably close dress, although it’s a little pricey and if anyone happens to know where I can get one of a similar style (preferably in the UK) I’d be really grateful!

But I have 0 clue where to shop for strips of fabric in that colour and material, I don’t even know what the material is :sweat_smile: I hope it’s okay for me to post asking for assistance here, would anyone please be able to advise me on what on earth it is and where I could buy something to use for that decoration?

Huge thank you for your time! I’ll 100% post photos of the finished product if I can get it put together.

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Those strips actually look like very expensive beading. If you are looking for a less expensive knockoff, I would use something like velvet for a texture but that can be sewn easily.

A black velvet dress with these strips sewn on would be lovely. You could edge the velvet with beading to outline, but it would be a lot of handsewing.

Sample of blue velvet


It might also be worth looking into sequin trim, or there are some fancy spangled fabrics-- in the fabric stores here they’d be called “special occasion” or “dance/swimwear”-- that might give you a similar look without having to do all that beading.


It looks like strips of metallic elastic to me.


That’s what I was thinking, too.


ooh, yes the second photo in the reference album is a much better shot of the sparkly trim-- definitely a fancy fabric or trim rather than beadwork.

As for UK suppliers-- where is that @Loop-da-Loop gets all her cool fabrics from? Would they have something like this?


@thanate - Shout out responded to!! It looked like a tightly beaded trim/fabric on the pic above, but in the closer up image in your reference album it looks more like an metallic elastic trim or possibly square sequins.

My go to here in the UK for fabric is Minerva, maybe a metallic or sequin fabric, or feeeasibly something like this trim might work. Tia Knight is another place I’ve used for sequin fabrics and trims in the past.

I think @AIMR 's suggestion of the velvet strips would look lovely also btw, not an exact copy, but velvet can have a lovely sheen and look really luxe.


Thank you all so much for the quick responses! Especially when I’m not at all knowledged in this stuff, I really appreciate the help.

For the dress itself this is the best I’ve found, unfortunately it’s quite a bit more than I was hoping to spend:

I’ve been searching hours and I just can’t find a cheaper dress in the UK that looks similar enough. Although I don’t know if the, uh, sparkly bits on it would be an issue anyway, like if they’d clash with the coloured stripes?

And thanks for the links to those sites to check for fabrics! I’ll have a browse through them. The best I’d found so far was these two:
Fancy Firefly Metallic Knit (Emerald Green)
Fancy Firefly Metallic Knit (Turquoise)
But the colours aren’t quite right.

I’ll keep searching, thank you for your tips :slight_smile:


That dress is lovely!


Phew, I’m glad you think so, I ordered it and am sweating buckets about how it’s left my wallet! Fortunately it’s easy enough to return if there are problems or I find a better dress.

Now just for the green/blue bits…


It may be tricky sewing trim on top of velvet, be extra careful with that part.

You found the greatest crafty place on the whole entire internet IMHO. Everybody is super friendly & helpful here. Come back and ask for help if you need it :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m pretty sure it’s glitter waistband elastic. It comes in various colors and widths.


That looks exactly right!

@ceep for the win!


YES!!! I believe you nailed it, @ceep!
:sewing_needle: :brain:


Are gifs okay? Because


Well (hopefully I’m not speaking to soon) now to refine my search for that, fingers crossed I can get the right colours! I didn’t see them on Minerva or Tia Knight but will keep looking, Etsy has some stuff but it all seems too thin, I figure I might need about an inch wide for each colour?

Re Magpie’s caution about sewing, I’ll be taking it to my local sewing shop who hopefully will do it far better than I could haha. Want to make sure it’s done right! And thank you, this place certainly has been far more friendly and helpful than Reddit where I last tried.

Edit: Oh I just found the exact listing for the image you found :sweat_smile: 1.5inches though, not sure if that’s too wide, hmm


To my eye it looks like those bands in the original pic are over an inch. Maybe even 2"… judging this by looking where her wrist is in front of one.
@Magpie , @ceep, @aimr @Loop-da-Loop thoughts?


Agreed, at least 1.5" each. But only if a perfect copy is the aim, maybe it’s enough to just be similar?


Oh it’s got to be at least 1.5 inches, maybe two. Try out some strips of paper or something on your body and see what looks about right.

The elastic does come in wider widths, but green is elusive.

Here’s some 50mm / 2", but no green.


Take a look at thr proportions of the waist. I think the total width of the 2 bands together looks closer to 3" than 4. It depends on the size of the dress however, the actress is quite small.