Where O Where Has All the Good Ribbon Gone?

So… In December, I needed some ribbon for this project:

I specifically wanted something that felt soft and drapey. I headed out to shop at my local craft and fabric stores.

Came home sad and empty-handed! Where, oh where has all the good ribbon gone?

Finally got some from my local creative reuse store, but have been grumbling about it ever since. And then a couple of days ago, one of my favorite YouTube personalities, Rajiv Surendra, addressed this very issue!

This also explains why I had to order from France, for some fabric cording I needed for another project.

Has anyone else noticed the dearth of good ribbon these days?


Oh my goodness- that shop! the shelves and shelves of color… @Magpie, @Edel, look!


I know!!! If I ever visit NYC again, that shop is on my must-see list.



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You can’t make me look! Ack!


I mean, ummm, as inspiration for your basement organizing, yeah… yeah, that’s it…

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I love ribbon…I would spend days in that shop.


That store - how wonderful to be amongst that beauty all day. I’d have trouble not buying more than I could use if I worked there, or even visited there!!
I have noticed a gradual disappearing of many quality craft and sewing items in recent years too.

This has reminded me I bought more a selection of lace and silk ribbon at a Trade Fair years ago when I was in business and could go to those events. It’s been in the ‘Good Stuff’ drawer - obviously, it’s time to get it out.
I found the company - they’re Australian and send overseas too - Starr Laces and Ribbons - they have the most glorious guipure laces and sumptuous ribbons, they might be worth looking at even if it’s just for the pretties.


I thoroughly enjoyed that video. Thanks for sharing. I can’t say ribbon is something that makes my heart go pitter-patter, but I will make a point to add that shop to my next city trip!


Ok, I watched it. It was amazing. I sent the link to Wulf, he loves ribbon too, of course! Thanks for sharing.

@Tea I can’t get their link to work, I’m in Canada. It’s a restricted website from here for some reason. Maybe you’d contact them & let them know?

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Oh, good grief! I’ll call them tomorrow (it’s almost midnight here at the moment) and get back to you.
Gosh so sorry.

I am interested in making some ribbon pouches…they are just so colorful and I am a huge fan of Tula Pink designs. I had my cart full but then stopped short of hitting order…seriously, I need to plan things out or else the ribbon will be hoarded in my stash!



@Magpie I emailed them, so should have a response some time tomorrow, hopefully. If not, I’ll phone them then and let you know what the situation is.

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Oh, Linda, just why? Dang it!

That is seriously cute!

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I get it, done the same myself - I’ve stopped myself from buying 'cos I have to use the beautiful stuff that I have.
Being a creative has so many parts to it - the gathering (this is one time when there must be more than one :laughing: ), the admiring, the thinking and deciding what to do with it, the making, and the waring, using or gifting of it.


Oh, my! Thanks for posting that link! LOVE some of those ribbons. Someone of those would make amazing bag straps.

WARNING: Double check your totals…I had to contact them because their shopping cart was not adding properly by a little under $10! Not sure if they fixed it, but it was quite obvious that 7+6 did not equal 14…etc. It was like a few dollars on every item…

Hmmm… sounds a little suspicious! But the ribbon is gorgeous.

They have been around a long time. It was when they changed to a different payment platform. I love their ribbons and customer support is very good. I am a VIP member so it might have just affected pricing for members. I use every bit of ribbon, with leftover bits being used to make key fobs…the strapping is perfect for that with a bit of ribbon…I buy the striped strapping the most as I love the black and white with the colorful ribbons.

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