While I Wait Rainbow Striped Fingerless Mitts

I was waiting for some out- of -stock yarn to make a pair of fingerless gloves to match a new cardigan I bought…while waiting, @CraftsUntold posted a pair she made using the Jacoby pattern…

Decided to make a pair and did what she did as well…extend the thumb. I also made them a bit longer to cover more of my hand. The striped yarn is KOIGU–I seem to have every color of those little gems…the grey is Valley Yarns Huntington Superwash wool…simple pattern to do while binge watching Doc Martin…plus, I pulled my back out so I had to pretty much do nothing but sit up in bed…I got them done in two days between sleep and eating!


You cranked these out~ Love the subtle color change in the stripes

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Looks great! I wore mine this morning. :blush:

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I made a mistake in missing a row on the first one, so I just repeated the mistake on the second one…lol…I will be using a different pattern for the yarn I got yesterday…but I did like this pattern a lot for a go-to …and I have tons of colorful KOIGU to use up…


It is still warm here…:slight_smile:

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These are so great!

That is called “modifying the design”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice, they look just perfect!


These are super cute!!

i love those colours together…super classy and fun!!