White Forest Gateau

Hi you crafty bunch!!

So today’s clothing share is a festive skirt I actually made before Xmas, but
to be honest I think it would work all year long anyways, just because it has fir trees and snow on it doesn’t mean it has to be for winter eh, pffffft!!

The photos however are from before Xmas so we can all pretend it’s Xmas again eh?? I say that, I break out in a stress-related psoriasis guttate flare-up every year just before Xmas (and this time it’s still going strong!!) so perhaps that’s not the best idea…

Aaaaanyways, so I got this gorgeous border print cotton fabric (by Hoffman fabrics) from Elephant in my Handbag in greeny teal with silver snow fall on.

For a change I didn’t use a pattern, I just made a tube skirt, made a casing at the top for an elastic waistband and hey presto! Well, I say that, obviously I also added pockets because why wouldn’t you?! Pockets are clearly essential in everything.

And then I put it on with a neon jumper, and reindeer antlers… and flip flops…

As usual Rosie had to stick her nose in too.

Kinda reminds me of Bob Ross actually, not because it was a happy little accident tho, just cos he painted a lot of trees.

Hope you like :evergreen_tree:
Loops xx


Very pretty fabric and skirt!
Christmas is a state of mind.


This is the perfect project for this fabric! And that’s one of the cool things about evergreens is that they look like that all year long!

Hi Rosie! Thank your mom for sharing pictures of you organizing the photo shoot.


Nice skirt, definitely not just for winter.

At first I thought your antlers were pigtails and wondered how you got that shape :smiley:


I love this fabric! I have a bunch of tube skirts. Gotta love ‘em!

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Looks great, the neon really works with the colours of the trees and silvery snow and pockets!

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Looks so comfy and stylish!

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Lovely print choice!

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You sew the cutest things.

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I love border type fabrics and this is amazing. I love everything about it. The trees are awesome. Fantastic use of the fabric.


:woman_genie: Your fantastic craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations! :fairy:

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@TheMistressT Haaaaa, I did indeed lol at that, she’s definitely the director of my photo shoots!

@Cindy Rofl, I can see how you thought that, wow that would have been far too impressive for me, I do cut and dye my own hair, but I’m terrible at doing hair styles!

@Bunny1kenobi It’s so pretty isn’t it, no matter how big your fabric stash there are just some fabrics that HAVE to be bought!

@mellybelly81 Thanks so much, having made it I then really struggled with what to wear with it, but I love to make people wear sunglasses so I’ve only worn it the neon jumper so far! :grin:

@J-squared Awww thank you so much!

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Weeeeee, thank you so much, I haven’t been on for a little while (trying to get my next make finished) so I only just spotted this!

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I love your stylung as well as the skirt! I have some border yardage I’ve been wondering what to do with! And of course POCKETS!!!

Great job, Loops! Happy to see you!

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Such beautiful fabric and POCKETS!! Good job!

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Oh no you didn’t! Oh yes she did!! Oh, my gosh. This is awesome! LOVE!

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