Who’s your daddy?

Two more to add to my daddy series.

Paul Rudd

And Jason Momoa


Such good choices!

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I love your mini portrait series!

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Great character choices. They are instantly recognizable!


Jason Momoa :purple_heart: swoooon also I love the purple gradient for the first one. :grin:

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These are FANTASTIC!

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I just had to comment on your title, we moved to an island of 175,000 people, it seems like everyone knows or is related to everyone. The most asked question when meeting someone for the first time is ‘who is your father’ (father is long and drawn out)


Hahahaha, that’s is actually really funny. I can just imagine the interactions “Hi! Who’s your father?” “Oh I know I know you father…” haha.

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And thank you everyone. I took a small break from these but I hope to get back to them really soon. Still making a list of more to make.

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