Why can others download my pictures?

I’ve been noticing that when I post a picture, there’s an option under the picture to download it. At first I thought it was something I saw just for my own photos but it’s not … I can download any picture posted to the site.

I’m not sure if you have to be a member of Lettuce Craft to see posts or if there are also visitors allowed and that’s where my concern lies.

I realize people can always grab screenshots of things but knowing someone outside this forum could possibly download my photo is somewhat unsettling to me.

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Most sites you can right click a pic and save it. Not just screenshot but actually save the pic. It’s weird they have a download icon instead of just having people right click like every other site but it was probably part of the discourse forum platform and not something our admins chose to implement.

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People have always been able to download pictures from the Internet…which is why Pinterest evolved to the huge site that it has…you can even download copyrighted photos but risk the slight chance you will be told to stop…You can use watermarks but that won’t stop pics from being used, which is why I highly recommend not putting up pics of small children…

Were you worried at the last site? What did you do there?

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Yes, nothing new here. All of your photos on the old site are available for download.

geekgirl is correct in that it is part of our core code platform.

I didn’t spend any time trying to remove it, though, as I think it’s helpful to intuitively be able to download when someone posts a photo of a pattern they’ve created and shared as an image file (PNG, GIF, JPG, etc.). Soon, some members will be able to share via PDF, but over the years, many have shared patterns as JPG, so this is helpful for those instances.


I didn’t know it was possible over there so wasn’t concerned.

I’ve learned something new today.

I see it being helpful for that reason. I was mostly concerned when sharing photos of original projects but I guess a person either doesn’t share or watermarks them.

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Hi again, @Cindy! Just wanted to let you know I’ve just suppressed the obvious “download” button from anonymous users (people using the site who are not logged in). Of course, they can still right click and save, but at least it’s not a glaring option for them now.


Great, thanks for letting me know!

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You’re welcome!

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