Why I made a stuffed spatula

Funny story. A couple was looking at my plushies. They had a quiet side conversation and then asked if I can make custom plushies. I said that I could try and asked what they were looking for. They said that a little they knew had attached to a bottle of cayenne pepper and they wanted something a wee bit safer to try and replace it.

I laughed and pointed to the random spatula in my collection of plushies. That was a custom request from my cousin who’s grandson had attached to a black plastic spatula. She wanted something with fewer hard edges for him to run around with.

I think the cayenne bottle is going to be fun… well all except for that pi*r2 thing I have to remember from that geometry class I was never going to need in real life.



But do you need the area of a circle, or the diameter (pi*2r)?

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That is so funny!

The things kids get attached to…one of our nephews became attached to the toilet scrubbing brush. I wish I had thought to make a plushie instead of just buying a new clean one for him to drag around the house!


Hah! But adorable plushie solution!

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Oh my goodness! Kids are hilarious.

I love these quirky plushie ideas!!!


Love it!

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Cute! I hope you’ll show us the finished product!

My youngest had a thing for eggs. When he was about 4. He drew faces on all of them and got upset when they got used. It was a hard won battle just getting him to agree to allow keeping them in the fridge. :joy: Hmmm I may have just got my next idea for a family ATC….


I can figure it out… but I had to stop and think for a bit… It just amuses me when I come across math “I am never going to use” when I need to use it.


This is so cute! And yes, kids can fixate on weird stuff, but this is a great solution (especially for things that are pointy or perishable!). Looking forward to seeing the Cayenne bottle. :laughing: :+1: