Why you can't let cheese mold

Meet one of my favorite OCs (Original Character) His name is Bleach. He is a pile of toxic sludge that took the form of my main OC, Fillion. He has an overall Eeyore type personality. He hate just about everything including Fillion, light, water, music, and really anything happy or fun. aihvjykosu
This is a digital drawing of him- I will try and find a picture of Fillion.


Wow! He looks great! Especially considering he is a pile of toxic sludge… :wink:


Thanks! My dad gave me the inspiration to make him (and named him) I had wanted to make a character that challenged me when I drew it. I’m not that good with substances, so Bleach gives me practice.

Sounds like me if I wake up too early :smile:


:laughing: Same here!