Wild garlic pesto

The wild garlic is all over the woods at the moment. I harvested a bunch today and made this pesto. There were no real measurements, roughly about
300g wild garlic leaves, long stems removed,
70g parmigiana reggiano (you have to use the good stuff, it makes a difference)
zest and juice of one lemon
70g of whole almonds (I didn’t have pine nuts) that were toasted in a dry pan.
50-70g oil (i used rapeseed oil, as I had no olive)
1/2tsp salt

break the cheese into bits into the bowl of a food processor., add the almonds and blitz them into a rubble, add everything else and process into a coarse paste. You can do this in a pestle and mortar, but I was lazy.

it is smack you around the mouth flavourful.


Oh wow! I bet this has a great fresh taste.

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Yesss I love to do this with ramps (our local wild allium). I can almost smell it!

Bah ha ha! I can just imagine! You’d better all eat it together or your mouths will be smacking each other around :smile:

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It’s so good. I have to resist the temptation to sneak spoonfuls straight from the jar

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Making my mouth water!!!

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Oh, how I love pesto!

Mmmm…pesto! Thanks for sharing your recipe…it looks yummy!

Mmmmm… I bought some awesome wild garlic scape pesto from the Farmer’s Market last summer, and made pesto pizzas with it for two weeks, till I ran out. :sob: Oh well, something to look forward to once the craziness is over! Enjoy foraging darling.

We will have garlic scapes in our garden in a month or two. Totally going to try this

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