Wild Thornberrys Shirt

After much swearing, bleeding on it, and picking out and redoing parts of the collar oh…at least 10 times, it’s as done as it’s going to get.

Fabric from Joann. Simplicity 0492.

I had to put a seam at the center back of the collar to have it end up not-weird on the points. I kept having half bodies, or Nigel’s big face or something strange.

These are cool vintage buttons. Maybe Bakelite? Not willing to light it on fire to find out. Gorgeous buttonholes achieved with my vintage buttonholer that I Frankensteined to work on my Bernina.

Yes of course the print matches at the center front. This was another interesting challenge. I tried a bunch of layouts, but realized that having anyone’s body at the center front would result in disturbing button placements. RIGHT on someone’s face, or worse, their privates.

To complete the ensemble…these ridiculous shoes that I bought to wear on St. Patrick’s day. And some safari socks to go with the theme.


This is soooo great! I love the fit on you. It looks amazing.

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I don’t think many people can truly appreciate how difficult it can be to get that fabric to line up that perfectly. I bow down to your mastery of the skill. This is such a fun shirt. Those kids are going to have memories of you for a lifetime!


Another marvel of pattern matching! And so thoughtful about the faces on the collar and where the buttons would land on the characters. [bows] And even with all this my favorite thing might be the coordinating stripe for the collar facing.

@TheMistressT That striped stuff I cut from a shirt my husband discarded. I think he did anyway. Maybe he put it in the sewing room for a button. OH WELL it’s gone now.

I think it’s really fun to have something interesting on the collar points.


You have the best prints! And you put them to use so beautifully!

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He knew the risks! :rofl:

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Absolutely EPIC!!

Flawless pattern matching as usual! I never realized how difficult it was to match patterns l
until I attempted it on a quilt that I had a very limited amount of fabric to try and match - and that was just sewing the pieces together. I am so impressed by your ability to do it on the shirt seams the way you do!
I agree with @gozer’s assertion that the students will have lifetime memories of the librarian who always had such fun shirts!