Wilda the Witch comes visiting

Wilda came to visit this week and I asked her to stay until after Halloween. She loves it here because currently, we have 3 black cats…one forever cat and 2 fosters (plus their unfortunately black and white sister). She hopes to invite her witchy sisters to come this year, but she may have to wait. I haven’t made them yet.

And she gets excited and glows in the dark

Her head is made out of a party favor pumpkin, heated with a heat gun and squished. I then cover with tissue paper and form a new face with paper clay. Lots of paint is required.

I used the same method for the head of the pumpkin king I made for a swap last year.


How cute is she? It’ll be a real party when you have all 3 weird sisters hanging out with you!

I knew it! He’s mine, and she’s his cousin! I.Am.DYING.

So much love! I am so happy you made another!b and I’m going to snag some of those little buckets this uear, so I can make one!

She is so fab! I love the expression on her face.

Actually her crazy younger brother!

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Absolutely amazing! I love her little glow-in-the dark face. What a treasure.

I remember that pumpkin! Both are equally fabulous!

Even better!