Window hearts from translucent paper-with simple tute

My daughter went to a Waldorf school for a few years when she was young. Every house around here that has) had a kid in the school had Waldorf stars in the windows. They are basically modular origami. Made with this lovely translucent glassine paper (we call it kite paper) it’s strong and creases beautifully. The overlapping folds make really pretty patterns when the light shines through. Today instead of stars, I made hearts.

They are really easy to make. You could make them with tissue or crepe paper, they would also be pretty with origami paper for card marking.

Simple tute follows

Start with a square and crease from corner to corner.

Fold in two opposite corners of the square to touch the centre line. Then bring the sides in to the centre line

Finally fold the top corner down a little. Make a second one of these. Join them together with a slight overlap. Use a glue stick. When joining, overlap just to the top off the side fold


These are beautiful! I love the effect when the light shines through. :heart:

They’re diamond hearts!

How pretty!

Very pretty! And what a perfect spot for them.

Those are very neat!

So pretty! Thanks for the tute… I think I have some translucent kite paper around here somewhere…

Lovely! :heart: