Wine Bottle Holder

When my mom goes to a monthly dinner party, she brings along a bottle of wine. Everyone else brings theirs in a wine bottle carrier, but my mom didn’t have one, so for Christmas, I made her one.

I added a layer of batting and quilted the outer fabric. It has an interesting construction method, so I learned a thing or two while making it.

The pattern is from here:


Nice gift! Practical and pretty!

I looked at the pattern…the construction is similar to the Japanese knot bag!



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Great gift! And perfect for your mom to use for her dinner party group.

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That was so sweet of you to make. Im sure she appreciated it. It looks fantastic.


This is a smart looking project and really useful- it keeps the glass bottle safe from bumps and bangs while driving, too. Great gift!

Really nice looking and sounds like the perfect gift for your mom.

Ah, fantastic! I’m bookmarking this for future dinner parties. The construction is like a vest!

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Perfect gift!

Thoughtful gift! Love the fabric choice, too.

Thank you! I wish I had put some interfacing in it to make it a little more rigid, or used a thicker layer of batting, but it suits the purpose. Mum was very happy with it, so that’s what matters! The fabric came from her stash (she inherited several bags of fabric from a couple of people in the last few years- it’s fun to dig through them and see what there it!), and the outer fabric was a very soft cotton. It was made into something else (the fabric was hemmed on 2 sides), but I have no idea what it was. The inner fabric came from either a pillowcase or a curtain/valance.

@AIMR and @Magpie, I’ve never seen that particular technique before (even though I have made vests and bags in the past), but it made for a nice clean finish. The only tricky part was sewing in such a narrow opening. And, the Japanese knot bag is on my to-do list, so I’m glad I’ve practiced the technique already!