Winnie-the-Pooh and friends!

These are darling! I love that classic look :heart: Just wonderful!!

You did a fantastic job, they are incredible! Also I am very happy that the pattern seems to work because I have that exact same one… That eeyore :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I haven’t had any use for cashmere sweaters yet, but now I want one too!

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They are all so cute! But Eeyore made me squee!

Great work, thanks for sharing!

Aww, they are all so huggable! Great job of upcycling the fabric to make them; it was especially clever to use a cashmere sweater. Thanks for sharing your Hundred Acre Wood.

I love all of these! Soooooo cute. And Eeyore’s tail!

Aw, they’re just beautiful. Eeyore is definitely a hit! I like that you went with the more classic Pooh n’ friends.

i love these SO MUCH

Wonderful! I remember longing for these exact toys when I was little. My mom got McCalls Sewing and Crafts magazine, and seeing them here made me recall the photo spread of them that I poured over all those years ago.

It even detaches at the button!


Adorable. I remember making these when I was a teenager. I loved Tigger best. It was a good pattern

Oh my goodness! My great aunt made me the Winnie-the-Pooh bear when I was a baby! I still have it all these years later. :heart: Now I want to sew one for my nephew and nieces! :heart:

There are scanned copies of the pattern on eBay and etsy, but I snagged an original pretty inexpensively on eBay. Not hard to make at all!

These are sooooooo cute and charming, and I love that you went for the pre Disney look! They look so huggable! I especially love Kanga’s pouch. Wonderful job!!

oh my gosh, they are so darn cute! As always Eeyore is my favourite, always been, but the others are so cute as well, and the pouch on the Kanga is just adorable :smiley:

Oh they are so adorable!! I absolutely love them! You did an amazing job on them. :slight_smile:


Aw, the nostalgia!

Anybody else watch that movie, Goodbye Christopher Robin? It starts off so sweet with him and his little friends.

Oh my. Be still my heart. Pooh and his pals always are a favorite. :heart:

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These are so sweet and nostalgic — love that you used a vintage pattern for them too.

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