Winnie-the-Pooh and friends!

My mom had the 1968 McCall’s pattern for the Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animals. l rebought it for myself a few years ago with the intention of making the entire Hundred Acre Wood. Pooh is a wool-blend felt. Piglet and Tigger are fleece from remnants I had lying around. Piglet’s jumper is a terry-cloth remnant. Eeyore is a felted cashmere sweater (he is SO soft), and Kanga/Roo are made of baby corduroy. The only thing I had to buy was Pooh’s yellow! Tigger’s stripes were painted on rather than embroidered or appliqued. I left off Pooh’s mouth because I was going more for classic, pre-Disney Pooh. I love how they turned out!


These are so sweet! I love Eeyore.

I love that classic Pooh, the colors look spot on!

Here’s the OG pattern envelope image.


Those are absolutely adorable!

I heart these! Piglet is my fave but they all look so well done!

I love these! I love that Eeyore is super soft because he needs extra hugs.


These make my heart go < BOOM BOOM BOOM > right in my chest.

Gosh, I love these. These are my childhood - I’m so happy you made them, AND THEN SHARED THEM!!!

They’re all so cute! I love Eeyore! :smile:

Mine, too! What good is recreating one’s childhood if you don’t SHARE it??? I loved Pooh so much growing up, and I even went to the NYPL to see the original characters in person.


Omg, these are SO precious!!! I love Kanga’s pouch. :3


Absolutely lovely.

Ohmigosh, we have that Eeyore, and I had no idea he was from a commercial pattern! Lovely work!

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That Eeyore! I must have one! I love the pattern and you did an amazing job putting these cuties together!

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They are all great but I especially like Kanga and Roo

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i had a kanga and roo from this same pattern growing up. so sweet.

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These are so, so fantastic!

I love Tigger’s stripes! These are adorable. They bring back so many memories! My mom had this pattern (pr a very similar one anyway) when I was a kid. She made most of them when I was little. She kept the pattern so my LO got a Pooh foot his first Christmas! I might have to borrow her pattern to make the rest now.


Wow! That was a lot of work. These are so incredibly cute. I think I like Pooh better without the mouth. He just looks cuter. Each and every one of these is incredible!

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