Winter-theme Cabana Shirt Thank You Card

I had reason of late to send a thank you card to the Southern Hemisphere where it is summer now so I thought it would be fun to make this cabana shirt card, but in winter themed paper.

I think it’s a hoot how the pattern for this card (from came with what looks like an undershirt for putting your sentiment on the inside! I added more to the back on this one, too.

And some of the details: little enamel dot buttons and the chest pocket. The pattern made the little top flap only, so I hand cut a little square to make the pocket. The rest was cut with a digital cutting machine.


This is fun on so many levels!

Cute idea, especially using winter themed paper.

Thanks, pals!

I love this card! Now I’m picturing something similar in funny winter prints for an Ugly Holiday shirt card lol. The possibilities are endless!

Hahaha! Thanks! There is a long sleeved version that I have also made and in the assembly video the designer mentions someone suggesting doing an ugly holiday sweater with it! A cardigan, of course! This is mine, which is just a flannel:


It’s landed in my mailbox!! and it’s even better in person!

The little buttons and cuffs and pocket are all perfect - your attention to detail is phenomenal!! Thank you Tara :smiley:

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Love it! The juxtaposition of the shirt with the print is awesome!

Thanks everyone!

I’m so glad it arrived intact and that you’re enjoying it, @jemimah!

This is so great! What a fun card.