Winter-themed Flannel Pillowcases for the Guestroom

Deep breath. I think I have finally satiated my pillowcase making cravings, at least for the time being.

Pillowcases-SnowmanFlannel01 Pillowcases-SnowmanFlannel02

This time it’s flannel snowmen trimmed out with gingham/buffalo check cuffs and a light blue detail strip. I still went with the French seams and the nice “burrito method” for attaching the cuff and detail piece. It gives me an inordinate level of satisfaction how nice the finish is using these methods.


I even remembered to add the cuff n stuff on opposite sides for using on our guest bed. Our guest sheets are red, so these fit right in! Or close enough. :crazy_face:



What a cute print! I would not have remembered to put the cuff on different sides, lol. I think your guests will really enjoy these nice pillows!


Thanks so much, @zubrickk! It’s kind of a shame we’re not expecting any guests until spring. D’oh! There’s a chance it’ll still be snowy here, so I might leave 'em up.

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They are very cheerful! I would not have thought to put the black check fabric with the snowmen, but it looks fantastic together! Hopefully, Bigfoot will not notice that guests are using his room! :joy:

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ooh, good call putting the cuff on the opposite ends! I would never have thought to do that and the detail really makes the set perfect.


Thanks, friends! I wish more prints were non-directional for lots of projects, but for pillowcases it would be a big boon! Not just of making the side the cuffs were on a non-issue, but also it would take quite a bit less fabric if you could just cut across from selvage to selvage.


Cheerful set of cases!

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Those are brilliant! I just made a flannel pillowcase with this tutorial and I’m glad it wasn’t two, because I totally wouldn’t have thought to flip the design on one of them.

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They are adorable. Way to make guests feel extra specially welcome during the hols. You are a great host.

Those are so cheery! I love pillow cases.

Thanks, friends!

@Magpie Now we just have to actually get some wintertime guests!

We like to travel! Just sayin’ :smile:

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Snowmen are a favorite of mine & I too love the b&w checks with them!

So cute!

Sew cute! I love me some flannel pillow cases, so cozy!

Thanks, y’all!

@crafty-becky I love snowfolk, too! I love that they are seasonal beyond just December.

@Lisasteatime Yes! These last projects have me me realize I can get a flannel fix without going full on sheet set which we would roast in.

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Nothing inordinate about it…if I finished something that nicely, I’d be showing it off to anybody and everybody!

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I so want to stay in your guest room sometime! LOL :joy:

Please come stay! I am a great stop on a westward road trip to the PNW!

Well I am planning on hosting/organizing a site-wide Meetup in Portland in 2021…