Winter Wreath

My Winter Wreath (not a Christmas wreath). Took about a week to knit up!!

…and here, my little snowman is enjoying hanging out (tongue too) on my door!! He is 12 inches tall (counting the pom pom) and hanging from a 10" styrofoam ring which I also knitted the cover for. On the left side of the wreath are four colorful leaves, and on the right are snowflakes. The snowflakes were made from some wide lace ribbon I had. I cut the shapes of the five points of the snowflakes individually from parts of the ribbon in order to get a snowflake shape. Then hot-glued in place.


This is adorable! I love how the snowman has his tongue sticking out!

So cute and cozy for winter!

This is just so adorable. :heart::heart::heart:

The little snow man is precious! I love the entire color scheme as well…

How great that your wreath can stay up all winter! I have some winter wreaths and enjoy putting them up when the Christmas wreaths come down. Yours is so fun and happy!

That is super cute!

Thanks everybody, sure enjoyed doing it!