Wonderland is Better

I’ve been focused on tiny art lately (plus sock knitting, but that is another thing entirely) and created a mini Alice piece in a bottle-shaped niche shrine.

The entire thing is about 5" tall and around 2 3/4" wide…so an easy enough project to complete in an afternoon, or when you feel compelled to actually complete something soon-ish. (Unlike knitting socks. I must be a snail knitter.)

I papered the shrine with some super cool Alice paper and added a tree made from twisted wire covered in crepe paper. The blossoms were punched from tissue paper using a bellflower shaped mini paper punch with gel pen centers.

Projects that take minimal time and a scant number of supplies are my favorite because completing them is actually achievable. Glue stuff to stuff and you have a FO. Those are really nice. And Alice is pretty nice too.


Another magical tiny creation…love it!

Alice is awesome! Smaller than I expected. The tree looks great!

Those teeny tiny flowers are just charming :blush:

Wow, lovely

I adore the flowers in every project you do!

It’s lovely! I especially love the little flowers, so very pretty and delicate! :slight_smile: :cherry_blossom:

I love this so much! Beautiful!

This is so beautiful!

This is so pretty. I love the shape of it. I also really love the tree.

Congrats! Your Wonderland is Better Shrine is one of this week’s featured projects! Yahoo!

I love the perspective you gave by making Alice large in the shrine! The cherry blossoms are gorgeous…such a pretty piece…you say it doesn’t take very long…well, it sure looks like it would to me…so many details and pieces…even the back is lovely!

This is charming as all get out! Those tiny cherry blossoms have me gobsmacked.

The flowers are punched from tissue paper? Whoa, lady, you are really something. I’m not sure I could ever do this sort of meticulously detailed crafting. You’re a marvel, you really are.

I absolutely adore this! It’s very elegant.

that tree is so lovely! what a great way to showcase it here.