Wonky House Mug Rug

I am always happy to get a swap partner that is open to my trying out new materials or techniques! (which, BTW, fits almost EVERYONE on this site! :heart:). My mug rug swap partner this last round was @endymion . She pretty much gives me free reign to do what I enjoy!

I have been working on a wonky house quilt for several years; I make one or two blocks and then lose interest. A few months later, I want to make them again…etc. etc. So, I decided that I could complete a smaller project to get me motivated. I really do love to make these little houses.

I used a scribble thread drawing technique that only uses a regular sewing machine and either black or white thread. It really is fun and I like the free-style nature of it. I did the houses first, backing the fabric with embroidery stabilizer. Then, I did the back using thin batting. The two parts are connected by the binding. Since it is a small piece, I did the binding back by hand.

All of the fabrics are batiks. I was really trying to find more yellows for @endymion since it is one of her favorite colors, but I am painfully low on yellow batiks (trying to destash!).

Side 1:

Close up of one of the little houses…the doorknob was really tougher than it looked!

Side 2:

Close up of the circle spiral on back. I tightened the top tension because I was trying to mimic the dots on the fabric a bit more. My embroidery machine does this automatically, but I wanted to just use my old sewing machine. It was pure chance that the center landed on a leaf in the circle fabric!:

Thanks for looking!


I love this so much! Batiks are so cool, and I love the scribble stitching. Thanks so much!

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This is magical! I love the slight wonkiness of the little houses. It makes me want to visit this village!

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This is so beautiful my friend.

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So pretty! I love batiks, too.

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Turned out so beautifully, I love the fabrics & the stitches!

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You created an adorable little scene! The scribble stitching is the coolest. I love the spiral!!

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