Wonton tarts

Had gyoza last night and had some extra wrappers leftover. So tonight we made wee tarts. With a yogurt, honey lemon filling. Topped with homemade peach ginger jam and fresh strawberries.

It may be the worst month in Canada bit this feels like spring may some day come.


Oooh, these look delicious! They are very inspiring, too. Are they easy to make, or fidddly/fussy?

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These look delicious.

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Literally, the easiest thing ever.
Put a wonton wrapper in a muffin tin, hit it with some melted butter, add another on on top diagonally, butter again, bake til golden.

I added the fillings after they cooled. Cause its just some plain yogurt, lemon zest and honey mixed til smooth.

I think next time I’m gonna try apples and cinnamon .


Those look so yummy and fresh!


Yummy! What tasty spontaneous treat!

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Mouth watering!

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Reduce reuse recyle.

Waste not want want, use what you have.

The 80s cartoons indoctrination took in some ways. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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These look REALLY yummy. Wonton wrappers might just make it onto my next grocery list….

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Wow those look delicious!

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:tulip: :sunflower: Congrats! This project is bloomin’ fantastic and one of this week’s featured projects! :sunflower: :tulip: