Wood and Resin Jewelry

This is going to be a long one! I’ve been busy making lots of wood and some resin jewelry! I can’t seem to stop making stuff with the Glowforge! I’m drowning in earrings! I know what everyone is getting for Christmas this year :laughing:

Here are a few of the resin pieces

Here are loads of wood earrings. I’ve been experimenting with different ways to add some color and depth

I tried to combine wood and resin with mixed results! One of the honeycomb pairs is filled with a yellow tinted resin that worked well! Further experiments are needed though!


I can not decide which ones are my favorite. The wood flowers and honeycombs are so beautiful! You are crazy talented.

Well most of the credit to the machine but thank you!

These are great! I like the ones with the ovals and the metal circles in front of them. Gorgeous!
I bet milk paint would look cool on them!

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Oh I love the wooden pairs, especially the ones that have laser cut pieces! Good luck in your sales venture!

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Those are great! I especially love the honey comb earrings. You must be having so much fun with that machine!

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Really nice. My favourite is the honeycomb with resin


Mine too!

They are all really cool though!

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Awesome! I actually love the little wooden squares and the ovals with the metal ring.

Good luck on your adventure!

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I’ve never heard of milk paint… I’ll have to check it out!

Thanks for all the great comments and feedback guys!

I REALLY like the drops with resin filled hexes! nice work!


The ones with the honeycomb motif are very pretty!


Wow!! They are all so different! The colors in the resin ones really speak to me, but the intricacy in many of those wood pieces are insane! Nice work!

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Anyone would be thrilled to get them for Christmas! I especially love the lotus and sunflowers.

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Wow! You’re really working some magic with your Glowforge!

How thick of resin can it cut?

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All of these are amazing. I love the rectangular ones with the flower prints, but they are all beautiful. Ugh. This makes me long for the STS again! Lol!

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These are darling!

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Beautiful! I have been eyeing up a Glowforge or something similar but haven’t bit the bullet. Seeing these is definitely tempting me, haha. The honeycomb with resin are super cool, and the long rectangular ones with the closeup floral/mandala pattern are gorgeous!

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I didn’t cut the resin. I just filled them with resin after I cut the wood pieces out.

Thanks everyone!

OoooOOOooh! Thanks!